Tradewins Echo Falls Loft Bed in Rosewood

I must say that I am more than happy with my recent purchase of the Tradewins Echo Falls Loft bed in Rosewood. I am a single mother of eleven year old twin girls and live in a small two bedroom terrace so have limited space for my daughters and their belongings.

Now they are getting older it is becoming more important to them. In their bedroom previously there were two standard beds, a single wardrobe and a single desk and it was not adequate for their needs. The room was cramped and there was little space for them to relax or chill out.

I have limited funds for replacing furniture but something needed to be done. The girls have never been keen on sleeping in standard bunk beds claiming they were for boys and not fashionable, but when they saw the pictures of the Echo Falls Loft Bed they were both excited.

When their friends came round after school they remained downstairs a little ashamed to go up into their room. The first time their friends came round after the bed had been installed they were dragged upstairs so my daughters could show off their new bed! They are seldom downstairs now and their bed is the envy of their classmates.

With the loft bed in place there is still space for the single desk and they can both do their homework at the same time without any argument about who gets to use the desk and who has to do it on their lap. I didn’t realise how much it was affecting the quality of their work, but not only has their social life improved but so have their grades!

I had a little trouble putting the bed together at first, but I think that is more to do with my inability to read instructions and initial attempt to do it on my own. I recruited my next door neighbour and I am sorry to say she had much more success. We soon had the bed up between us. It is definitely a two person assembly, but it was quite easy to assemble with some help and the instructions up the right way!

The finished bed not only looks great but is sturdy and of a high quality. I can’t afford to be changing their furniture every six months, but this bed is going to last them a number of years – even with my twins and three of their friends all sitting on the top bed listening to music.

My girls are much happier in general, working better, sleeping better, arguing less, and having more fun with their friends. It is amazing how much different the correct bed can make, and I would certainly recommend the Tradewins Echo Falls Loft Bed in Rosewood to anyone with picky children and a shortage of space.

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