Tradewins Mission Youth Loft Bed

I was recently took over as the manager at a forest activities centre where children from the ages of 8 to 14 from disadvantaged backgrounds come for a week at a time. They have a holiday and a break from the difficulties they face at home. It is also a break for their parents and guardians because they aren’t always the best behaved of kids. We have a large lodge that is designed to sleep up to twenty children in ten bedrooms, but it was in much need of refurbishment. We purchased ten Tradewins Mission Youth Loft Beds and they are a great addition to the rooms.

The rooms initially appeared a bit monastic with basic metal framed bunks, a shared wardrobe, a shared chest of drawers, and a shared desk. They were more fitting a prison cell than a child’s holiday room.  With a loft bed in each of the rooms they are much more appealing. The Mission Youth Loft Bed is a sleek yet warm design and it fits well with the country feel we have tried to establish throughout the lodge.

We received our first guests last week since the refurbishment and the beds have been a real hit. As part of the holiday we ask the children to write a short essay on their last day about what they have enjoyed the most and what they have enjoyed the least. When you consider that they have spent a week paint-balling, abseiling, raft building, orienteering, and going on nature trails the idea that seven out of the fifteen children we had this time round commented on the beds goes to show just how much it means to them. Three of the children that we had this time round have been here previously and they all stated that it was much better. The beds are both comfortable and more fun than normal bunks.

When they had left we went round and did a fabric and kit check. To make sure nothing is damaged or missing and there is no left property. A couple of the beds have got some scuff marks on and there is a scratch or two, but they have stood up well to what can only be described as abuse with up fifteen rather unruly twelve year olds using them. The finish on the beds is such that we will be able to touch them up easily and have them looking like new again by the time out next group of children arrive next weekend.

The Tradewins Mission Youth Loft Beds have made a real difference to the feel and comfort provided in the lodge. A lot of these kids have a hard time at home, for a variety of reasons, and the lodge is a great escape for them. They get a chance to have fun and to be children again for a while. With the beds installed they also get a chance to sleep in comfort. They meet the safety standards that we require and they are robust and sturdy. I don’t think we will ever go back to normal bunks. The loft bed is perfect for our needs.

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