Tradewins Mountain River Twin over Full Bunk Beds

As a twenty four year old I never expected to be sleeping in bunk beds with my brother again, but he was injured in a motorcycle accident. My parents live abroad though they came over when he was in hospital they had to return home.  He needed some one on hand all the time while he recovered from his injuries which included two broken legs. I had to move in with him to look after him for six months, but he only has a one bedroom apartment. I couldn’t spend all that time sleeping on his two seater sofa so we purchased the Tradewins Mountain River Twin over Full Bunk Bed.

The full sized double on the base of the bed was ideal for my brother. It gave him the space that he needed to rest and be as comfortable as possible, while the twin bunk above is a standard size and big enough for me. It meant I was there whenever he needed anything during the night. Luckily it wasn’t too often and the only trouble I had didn’t come from the bed but his snoring!

The bed itself is sturdy and well designed. It is also an attractive piece of furniture so my brother was not too put out about having to get rid of his bed and replace it with this one.  He is thinking about keeping it once he has fully recovered. He thinks it will be great for when we go out drinking and I need somewhere to spend the night.

There is enough space under the bed to store all the things I need for my extended stay without cluttering up the small apartment.  I thought it was going to be difficult to put the bed together, especially when my brother isn’t in much of a state to be any help, but with his ‘supervision’ I got it up. The Mountain River pine also goes quite well with the other furniture he has in the room so it doesn’t look out of place.

I wish we had this bed when we were growing up rather then the basic bunks we had in our room. As the elder brother I would have got the double bed at the bottom. It would have served us very well I think, and it has done now in rather difficult circumstances.  My brother is recovering well and it wont be long until he is able to take care of himself again and I can move back into my own apartment.

The Tradewins Mountain River Twin over Full Bunk Bed would be a great addition to any bedroom where older children have to share, or, as in our case where I have had to look after my brother. I would recommend the bed as a well constructed and secure addition to any childrens’ bedroom. It is very reasonably priced for the quality of the furniture, it is comfortable, and it looks good.

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