A Twin over Twin Space Saver Desk With Chest and Stairs: Your Storage Solution!

Sierra Twin over Twin Space Saver Desk, Chest and Stairs

Just about every child, at one time or another, dreams of owning a bunk bed. There’s something special, almost magical really, about feeling safe and secure on the bottom bunk, or swelling with pride when climbing up to the top bunk for bedtime. But parents don’t always share that same enthusiasm, with constant questions of available space, cost, and continued interest weighing on their decisions. But if you’re looking for a bed for your children that not only provides ample sleeping space, but innovative storage options, a built-in study center, and safe steps instead of a rickety ladder as well, the Berg Sierra Collection twin over twin space saver with desk, chest, and stairs is the bed for you!

We’ve all heard about the space saving benefits of modern loft and bunk beds. I mean, saving space is the primary reason anyone would want to stack two beds on top of each other anyways. But if you really need to save space, if ample storage areas are a must for any bed purchase, the innovative design of this twin over twin space saver with desk, chest, and stairs is guaranteed to deliver.

While many beds boast the standard twin over twin sleeping style that you’ll find here, while many include desks and other tantalizing accessories, while many even have started to include sturdy steps instead of ladders, few beds on the market are able to match the storage space included in this revolutionary bed. Within the compact design of this bed you’ll find over 10 drawers and storage spaces, not including the desk drawers on the side. Quite simply, if you need storage space, this bed is it.

Investing in Berg Furniture

There’s no question that purchasing a bed like the Sierra Collection twin over twin space saver is a significant investment. You’ll surely want to make sure that this bed suits both the current and future needs of your kids, as well as making sure it provides the safety and security that you demand from any children’s product. So before you rush out and purchase something for your kids, its important to do some homework to find out if you’re making the right choice. If you find yourself intrigued by the Berg Sierra Collection, take my word for it, you won’t be disappointed.

With the Sierra Collection twin over twin space saver, not only will you get a bed that will maximize every inch of available space in your kid’s bedroom, but a unit that provides drawers, a storage chest, and a full sized study center for your kids as well. Quite simply, if there’s anything you need to fit into your children’s bedroom that Berg hasn’t included here, they’ve at least left you enough space in the room to add it in.

With the Sierra Collection twin over twin space saver simple, straight-forward assembly, free shipping, compact footprint—dimensions: 67″ H x 102″ W x 80″ D—and desk and storage options included, you can feel confident that your kids will love it, and that you’ll be getting the most for your money. Click here to find out more about this and other products in the Berg Sierra Collection.

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