Have Twins? You Need the Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

My wife and I recently discovered that we are expecting, the surprise of which was only exceeded by the revelation that we are, in fact, expecting not just one baby, but two. While having twins used to be a statistical rarity among worldwide births, with the development of advanced fertility sciences in first-world countries, these types of births are becoming far more frequent. So if you find yourself in this same situation, surprised by the revelation that twins are on the way, then you’ll quickly realize what a god-send a piece of furniture like the Discovery World Merlot twin over twin staircase bunk bed really is.

While the merlot twin over twin staircase bunk bed will not help you with all those immediate concerns that come with any newborn baby, it will give you peace of mind for what’s coming down the road. For you see, in these tough economic times chances are that your kids will have to share a room far beyond infancy, and if that’s the case, a product like the Discovery World Furniture Merlot twin over twin staircase bunk bed will definitely be a lifesaver.

But if you’re like me, not even the overwhelming concerns of the now will prevent me from planning for my children’s futures, and with that comes the consideration of living space. Not only will this bunk bed unit maximally optimize the space in even the smallest bedrooms, but the ample storage space that has been seamlessly incorporated into the unit means that with this one purchase you’ll have answered several of your children’s most pressing bedroom furniture concerns.

Affordable Peace Of Mind

Throughout my life I have often stated that I’m more than willing to pay a little more money, whether it be for furniture, travel, or work, just so that I can rest easy with guaranteed peace of mind. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck because not only will this bed, as with any Discovery World product, give you the peace of mind you’re searching for, but it will do so without breaking the bank. Simply put, with the high quality craftsmanship you’ll enjoy with this bed and a price under $1000, you won’t find many better deals in today’s children’s furniture bedroom market.

Further, this bed sports an integrated staircase, a feature that is quickly becoming a standard choice for parents who want to avoid having their kids climb up and down a rickety ol’ ladder. Beyond that, with its space saving design—overall dimensions:  63″ H x 98.5″ W x 41″ D—and its ample integrated storage space, you’ll find, as many have before you, that the Discovery World Merlot twin over twin staircase bunk bed is truly a sanity-saving bedroom solution.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the stress of having kids—especially twins—than know that the one thing you won’t ever have to worry about is the quality of the furniture produced by Discovery World. Click here to find out more about this and other Discovery World Furniture products.

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