Utica Full Loft with Three Drawer Study Station: Your Sleep/Study Solution!

Berg Utica Full Loft with Three Drawer Study Station

Are you looking for that perfect compact bedroom furniture arrangement that will maximize the space in your children’s bedroom? Would you like it to be versatile enough to meet your child’s ever-changing needs? Would you like it to be well-built, environmentally friendly, and affordable? If this sounds like the wish list for your child’s bedroom, look no further than the Berg Utica loft with three drawer study station.

The amazing thing about this full loft with three drawer study station ensemble is that it not only provides your child with a full sized loft bed, but the stylish and contemporary desk tucked underneath provides a perfect place for your child to do homework or simply doodle and draw to their heart’s content.

While the stairs are geared towards children and teens, this bed would certainly meet the study and sleeping needs of any college student, providing a place of solitude for studying, enough desk space for all your educational extras, and enough storage space to replace a set of drawers. If that isn’t enough, Berg offers several other additional pieces as part of the Utica line, certain to provide you with enough shelves and drawers for all your things.

Your Environmentally Friendly Bed

Most likely you don’t need to be reminded about how important it is to consider the impact that the products we purchase have on our environment. It would be inconsiderate for us to want the best bed for our children, yet not want to give them the healthiest Earth possible as well. Unfortunately, for many the words environmentally friendly are tantamount to advertising an inferior product, as they are afraid that quality, durability, and style will give way in an effort to produce beds that are friendly to the Earth.

As with all the products in the Utica series, the Berg full loft with three drawer study station is crafted from natural and organic Engineered Wood. Berg’s Engineered Wood is a manufactured hybrid, containing high grade particle board, sturdy plywood, and medium density fibreboard. This means that the end product provides attributes not found in solid wood, such as consistent and uniform strength designed specifically to resist warping, cracking, and splitting.

Simply put, with solid woods you really never know the quality of the construction, as unexpected natural voids, knots, and other imperfections can tarnish an otherwise flawless manufacturing process. It is this unknown factor inherent in solid wood that has led Berg to produce a hybrid that meets their highest performance standards, providing you with the assurance that any product in the Utica series is made with superior wood and unmatched quality.

So if you’re in the market for creative and innovative sleep and study solutions for your kids, regardless of whether they’re tweens or college bound; with its ample storage and environmentally conscious construction the Utica full loft with three drawer study station is the bed for you! Click here to find out more about the Utica line of products from Berg Furniture.

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