Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Bed: More Space in a Small Place

Berg Utica Loft Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

In a world where space is at a premium, the Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Bed, is a wonderful space saving ‘tool’- if we could call it that.

Why you should choose the Berg Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Bed

The Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Bed makes for the perfect addition to any child’s room, and is built keeping safety as its topmost priority. There are bunk beds to suit almost all room sizes and the Berg Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Beds has abundant space saving features.

Berg Utica Loft Twin Over Full Bunk BedChildren have a lot of little treasures they love holding onto, and instead of having to deal with these objects cluttering your house, you can now make the most of the storage space in these innovative, one of a kind bunk beds to stock up all kinds of things.

Behind the headboard of the main or the lower bed, you have shelves that can accommodate books, stationery, and other personal belongings. Some models even have a trundle under the full bed, which acts as a third bed as and when required.  Sleepovers for your kids will now be  fabulous- not to mention relatively easier, with you not having to bother about getting an extra bed around anymore.

Bunk beds save space and make life really easy for kids and parents alike, especially when the room needs cleaning out. They also look good, as they come in a variety of colors, models, sizes and patterns as well.

These bunk beds come in four different wood finishes- namely, Chestnut, Brandy, Maple and Nutmeg. There are different models catering to various needs- such as the Berg Utica Storage Bunk Bed with Stairs, the Berg Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed, and the Berg Utica Full Loft with Three Drawer Study Station to name just a few. The latter is a handy addition to anyone looking for full feature sets that cut down drastically on space taken in a room.

Utica’s bunk beds are created considering the current needs of parents everywhere when it comes to creating their child’s own personal space. While the beds add a whole lot of pizazz to any room, they are also built primarily as utility products which serve as a great return on your investment.

A Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Bed is the answer to anyone’s need for a quality bunk bed that allows for a whole lot more legroom in an apartment or home that is not a makeshift White House! We understand that children deserve the very best, and that you as a parent are worried about your child’s safety while also wanting to let them have ample fun in their rooms; and what better way to address both needs than to try out these bunk beds?

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