Utica Loft Twin over Twin

Berg Utica Loft Twin over Twin

Everyone requires space saving options in their home which do not compromise on quality while aiming to please, and the Utica Loft Twin over Twin is the perfect addition to your children’s bedroom for just that right look, feel and comfort.

Why is the Berg Loft Twin over Twin a good choice?

Berg Utica Loft Twin over TwinThe Berg Utica Loft Twin over Twin unit is made from organic, engineered and natural wood that is resistant to splitting, warping, cracking and scratches. What’s more- it is extremely easy to clean. A lifetime guarantee on the metal hardware is guaranteed by manufacturers as well. Available in five different finishes, the Utica Loft Twin over Twin is the ideal bunk bed for any child’s bedroom.

The Utica Loft Twin over Twin has some fabulous features that make it a good investment for your money. Since safety is of prime concern for parents, Berg has constructed this product by prioritizing a child’s need to remain comfortable and use the bunk features with ease. The bed is available in Chestnut, Nutmeg, Maple Brandy and White finishes, and have color coordinated knobs as well.

Perhaps the only minor drawback in this Berg Loft Twin over Twin bunk bed unit is that the mattresses are not included, and the desk and chair set is sold separately. The stairs are universal, which means they can be attached to either side of the bed, depending on your space or aesthetic requirements.

The storage space in this Loft Twin over Twin bunk bed unit comprises of four drawers on the stairs, and the desk comes with its own drawer. The loft shelf on the left of the unit is an optional addition. Though there is limited storage, if combined with other pieces from the Enterprise Bedroom Series, it is possible to get a compact but storage-friendly unit for the children’s room. This Utica Twin over Twin bunk bed unit is good for a single child home where there are friends coming over for sleepovers. It is requires low maintenance, and keeping it clean is quite easy.

There are other varieties of bunk beds available in the Berg series. All can be combined with one another to give you a unit that will suit your requirements. With different ranges, reasonable rates and excellent quality, here is a deal you would do well to invest in.

The Berg Utica Loft Twin over Twin will solve your space issues, especially if space is high on your list of desirables. Besides being low on maintenance, the reasonable prices and overall quality make this bunk bed a great buy for you, and has ample options for your kids. While fulfilling its primary role of being a compact bunk bed, it also offers some handy storage choices that you child can put to good use.

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