Need Versatile Space-Saving Options? An Extra Long Bunk Bed Is The Answer

Graduate+Series+Extra+Long+Bunk+BedWith many families looking to maximize the space in their homes, they are turning more and more to designing and developing multi-purpose rooms, areas of their house that can be used for different things at different times. While any area is capable of being transformed into a multi-use space, the room that many families overhaul first is the guest bedroom, as they can no longer afford to dedicate so much square-footage to only occasional use. If you’re looking to undertake a space-saving project, know that there are many well built beds and accessories available that will help you optimize and beautify your guest room and every other room in your house as well.

So if you are looking for space-saving products and bedroom designs, consider the addition of a University Loft Graduate series extra long bunk bed, which offers the soft natural finish of the entire Graduate bed series, while boasting the line’s top-notch construction and solid wooden framing. Although many might consider a bunk bed to be unsuitable for guests, the sophisticated design and long, comfortable beds are certain to impress even the most discerning critics.

In addition to the Graduate series extra long bunk bed, University Loft provides numerous other options that work seamlessly with the bed to provide an entire bedroom set, designed to maximize space and allow you to get the most out of all the rooms in your house.

Not Just a Guest Bed

Beyond a guest room, however, this bed is a superb choice for children’s bedrooms and college dorm rooms alike. With its timeless design and sturdy materials, many families purchase this bed for their young children and find that it lasts them until they leave the home as young adults.

As an option for your children’s bedrooms, the compact but spacious dimensions of the bed–34.5” H x 42” W x 84.5” L–allows parents to comfortably sleep two children in a single small room, while still leaving plenty of room for desks, drawers, and ample play space. Further, as your children grow up, the beds can be customized in a variety of different layouts, providing a fresh and interesting room design that is versatile enough to change along with your kids.

After high school, heading off to college will certainly be a huge milestone in your children’s lives; leaving the comfort of their family home for the first time and setting off to develop an identity of their own. One of the challenges of university life is adjusting to living in a dormitory, and considering that the small dorm room will encompass their total living, studying, and sleeping space for the next several years, it is certainly advantageous to make that space as organized, comfortable, and usable as possible.

In an effort to create a stylish and organized learning and living space that still feels like home, consider using a University Loft Extra Long Bunk Bed, which provides any room with the comfort and style of a bed made with premium materials while retaining enough space for desks, drawers and even furniture. Not only will University Loft help create a dorm room that is spacious and functional, but it will help create a room that will almost certainly be the envy of the entire campus.

Whatever your bedding needs are, click here to see how University Loft’s bedroom solutions can help you. Whether you’re looking for a stylish guest bed, a comfortable and safe bedroom for your children, or a functional option for a small college dorm room, the University Loft Graduate series extra long bunk bed is the answer. It provides a versatile solution for maximizing the space in your house and will certainly be an investment that will survive through all the seasons of your children’s lives.

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