The White Extra Long Bunk Bed: It Provides a World of Design Opportunities


University Loft Mission White Extra Long Bunk Bed

Planning a room for young girls can sometimes be difficult. Their interest in being a beautiful princess one month can quickly change to their desire to swim under the sea like a mermaid the next. However, if you’re looking to optimize space, while at the same time adding a sense of timeless beauty and style to a girl’s room, look no further than the University Loft Mission white extra long bunk bed.

With its simple yet elegant white finish this University Loft extra long bunk bed provides you with a space-saving solution that will complement any color or decorating theme. By using a soft neutral color, this bed will work seamlessly with whatever your girls are into that month, and it will surely be a choice that leaves you satisfied, while leaving them excited about the endless adventures in imagination a bunk bed can provide.

While University Loft can’t do anything about the changing interests of your girls, with the simple, compact design of their beds and the fact that the package comes with everything you’ll need for a simple and straightforward assembly, the University Loft extra long bunk bed will certainly be one less thing you’ll need to worry about.

It’s For Boys Too!

But don’t think for a second that the white finish of this extra long bunk bed makes it unsuitable for boys. Whether they dream of being a race car driver, a fireman, or a high powered business executive (does anyone dream of that?), this bed is sure to match whatever they want their room to look like.

Further, as you children grow, all the extra long beds in the University Loft Mission white line are manufactured to fit teens and adults, meaning that because of their sturdy design and timeless style, this bed will accompany your kids throughout their lives.

The simple fact is, with its versatile layout and contemporary styling, a bunk bed from University Loft is the aesthetic and affordable solution to all of your bedroom organization needs. With the additions of under-bed storage drawers and an attachable desk at the foot of the bed, the bunk bed becomes not just a place for sleeping, but a place for living.

With its compact design—the dimensions of each bed are 34.5″ H x 43.25″ W x 3.5″ D—the University Loft Mission White Extra Long Bunk Bed is simply one of the best options for maximizing the space of your home without sacrifices aesthetic quality. It will allow your children to have a safe and sturdy bed, while still retaining enough space in a room for other furniture and whatever their imaginations might create.

That, coupled with the standard safety features of a top bunk railing system and a sturdy wide ladder, it will leave you with the peace of mind that you made the right choice for your family.

So if you’re looking for beds that will blend seamlessly and effortlessly into any room, regardless of the design, the University Loft Mission white series is clearly the best choice. To find out more about this bed, or other beds in the University Loft series, click here. Isn’t it time you discovered what University Loft can do for you?

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