Wildon Home G.I Bunk Bed With Slide and Tent: Indoor Adventure

Wildon Home G.I Bunk Bed With Slide and Tent

Do you remember as a child constructing tents or forts out of all the furniture, bedding, and blankets in your bedroom? I sure do. The imaginative adventures that my siblings and I took were bound only by what our minds could conjure up. While our adventures were a nightmare to clean up, those sorts of imaginative experiences are vital in the development of any child, which is why if you’re looking for bedding options for any young adventurous child, the Wildon Home G.I bunk bed with slide and tent is the answer.

Quite simply, until recently I would never have imagined a bed could be designed to integrate both sleep and play as seamlessly as the Wildon Home G.I bunk bed. With its ingenious tent and innovative slide, this bed is certain to provide your children with hours of entertainment, after which they’ll have no trouble getting to sleep on the comfortable twin bed.

With its awesome built in features, the Wildon Home bunk bed with slide and tent will no longer just be a place for sleeping for your children, but a place for living and playing as well. Kids are sure to create new and imaginative play times will tucked away in the privacy of the flaps and covered-wagon-style arches, and in no time you’ll find that your kids will find more joy and entertainment with this bed than you ever thought possible.

Better Than TV

In today’s technological world, it’s important that our kids don’t forget the joys of playing imaginative games away from the TV or computer. While these devices have undoubtedly enriched our lives, there is certainly something lost when a child no longer goes to play outside, or forgets how much fun it is to lie under the stars.

It is in this spirit that Wildon Home created the G.I Bunk Bed with slide and tent, as it will give your children a place to call their own, one that will remind them of the adventures of the great outdoors when they happen to be cooped up indoors. Simply put, with a cool tent over their beds, your kids will not only have a place to make many great memories, but a place to wow their friends with as well.

We all know that a child’s bed is not simply a place to sleep, but it is also a place to play. Whether it’s the comfort or the convenience, the fact remains that almost all kids love to play on their beds. Frankly, playing on their beds may just be what kids do best; and in the end, it’s to their benefit to play as much as possible, for the more they play and use their imagination, the more their brains will develop, and the smarter they’ll be.

So if you’re looking for a bed that is sure to provide just as fun as it does restful sleeps, look no further than the Wildon Home G.I bunk bed with slide and tent; it’s a great adventure…indoors.

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