Wildon Home Seattle Twin/Twin Bunk Bed in Pine: The Classic Bunk Bed Design

Wildon Home Seattle Twin/Twin Bunk Bed in Pine

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to the traditional bunk bed design, the one that you grew up with? Even with today’s bunk beds becoming modern, modular, sculptural creations, there are still some units that still retain that classic bunk bed look. If simplicity and style are near the top of your wish list for your children’s bed, the Wildon Home Seattle twin/twin bunk bed in pine is the bed for you.

As with most modern beds, the Seattle twin/twin bunk bed in pine offers the highest level of safety for all but the smallest of children, with sturdy railings, a steady ladder, and solid pine construction. While it may not be as fancy as some of the more elaborate beds on the market, it doesn’t pretend to be. With this twin/twin bunk bed in pine you get a well-crafted bed made with real pine, and while it lacks some of the storage and study features of other more expensive beds, it will provide your children with an unmatched safe sleeping experience.

Although the Wildon Home twin/twin bunk bed in pine retains that classic bunk bed look, there’s really nothing traditional about it. As a child I grew up with a classic twin/twin bunk bed that lacked almost every safety feature imaginable. With no ladder, no railings, or any other safety features, sleeping on the top bunk was the cause of many childhood accidents for me and my siblings. But this modern bunk bed grabs that classic unsafe concept and transforms it into something both you and your kids will love.

Classic Yet Still A Space-Saver

Even without many of the added storage features that you find on the more expensive beds, the Wildon Home twin/twin bunk bed in pine is sure to optimize the space in even the smallest rooms. While it may be hard to gauge the value of a bed such as this, I can assure you that both you and your children will enjoy the many advantages a bunk bed brings. As soon as you see how the traditional design of this bed opens up the space in your kid’s room, you’ll be amazed at just how much room there is. Quite simply, you’ll wonder how you lived without this bed for as long as you did.

While you may be discouraged by the fact that this bed doesn’t have all the built-in features of the higher end beds, consider that Wildon Home furniture is dedicated to producing affordable furniture for all your family’s needs, meaning that you’ll easily be able to find the appropriate accent pieces and other essentials you’ll need to round out your children’s room.

In the end, amidst a market where bunk beds are quickly becoming expensive works of art, it’s nice to see a company that still remembers what a bunk bed is supposed to be. However, while it may look like the bunk bed you remember, you can be rest assured that Wildon has significantly improved that classic bed design. With its solid pine construction, its sturdy safety features, and its affordable price, you won’t be disappointed with the Wildon Home Seattle twin/twin bunk bed in pine. Click here to discover more about this and other products from Wildon Home.

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