Wildon Home

The purchase of a new loft or bunk bed is a significant investment, and in return you want a versatile and durable product that is sure to adapt to your ever-changing bedding needs. However, it’s hard to be confident about a product if you don’t know anything about the company that builds the bed itself, and with so many companies out there, it can be hard to know who to choose. Among the veritable mountain of bed manufacturers, though, there are few companies that offer the affordable and well-built loft or bunk beds that you’ll find in Wildon Home’s catalogue.

Wildon Home Furniture boasts an extensive line of loft and bunk beds, so you’re sure to find a bedding solution that meets all your sleeping and space-saving needs. Whether you’re looking for a single bed with desk or drawer space underneath or a multi-bed setup to sleep several children or young adults, Wildon has always been committed to producing high quality products designed specifically to meet the ever-growing sleeping and organizational needs of adults and children alike.

Further, Wildon Home consistently remains committed to supplying these high quality products at an incredibly affordable price. Simply put, it will be tough to find another furniture company that produces the same well built beds that incorporate the newest and most stylish designs for the prices you’ll find here.

Beds As Unique As You Are!

While most manufacturers produce beds that focus primarily on either aesthetic quality, functional simplicity, or innovative designs as their niche in the bedroom furniture market, Wildon Home aspires to create high-quality products that focus on all three of these areas, the result being some of the most creative, affordable, and unique beds you’ll find today.

Throughout their entire lineup, whether it’s an Army G.I. bunk bed design with an added tent feature for your adventurous young boys or a full loft bed with a desk or futon underneath for those striking out on their own, they are dedicated to producing designs that meet your needs in new and creative ways. While most bunk bed manufacturers stay within the traditional mold of two stacked twin beds arranged within a set pattern, Wildon consistently strives to break out of the formulaic design patterns. With Wildon’s creative innovations, such as the full over full loft bed, which incorporates stairs instead of the traditional ladder, your bed is guaranteed be as unique as you are.

As with most furniture companies, Wildon Home designers focus not only on creating quality beds, but on supplying customers with a full bedroom experience that encompasses all your sleeping needs as well. So if you’re looking for a bed, but are worried about how to fit in drawers, desks, and other storage space, rest assured Wildon has you covered.

However, unlike most other furniture manufacturers, Wildon is also dedicated to giving you the best bed for your dollar, which is why you’ll find many Wildon beds come with drawers and shelves built right in, meaning that you won’t have to make several additional purchases, which allows you to create the perfect bedroom without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking for a company that stands out among the crowed bedroom market, look no further than Wildon Home Furniture. Click here to see the entire Wildon Home loft and bunk bed lineup, where you’re sure to find something that catches your eye and meets your needs.