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Discovery World Merlot Full Over Full Bunk Bed: The Bed for Any Situation!

One of the greatest issues preventing people from purchasing a bunk bed is the question of versatility…or lack thereof. Most often bunk beds are designed to meet a specific family need, aimed at children at a specific developmental period of their life. Once the children have grown out of that stage and once the family’s […]

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Have Twins? You Need the Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

My wife and I recently discovered that we are expecting, the surprise of which was only exceeded by the revelation that we are, in fact, expecting not just one baby, but two. While having twins used to be a statistical rarity among worldwide births, with the development of advanced fertility sciences in first-world countries, these […]

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Discovery World Honey Twin Over Full Bunk Bed: The In-Between Bed

Even though I pride myself on consistently and honestly providing reviews of the bunk bed market in an effort to help people make informed decisions as to what bed will best meet their needs, I’m always amazed at how little most people know about the bunk bed market in general. For most, when thinking about […]

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Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed: Uniquely Amazing!

I’ve written extensively about both the clear benefits of an integrated staircase over the traditional ladder and the appeal of the elegant style of a deep merlot finish, but when you put them together into one ingenious and innovative package like the Discovery World merlot twin over full staircase bed, the result is something truly […]

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Discovery World Merlot Twin Over Full Bunk Bed: A Touch of Class

It’s no secret that one of my favorite finishes for any piece of furniture is an elegant merlot finish. Its rich textured and deep tones add warmth and inspiration to any room, and are the perfect answer for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their children’s bedroom. That’s why, in my mind, […]

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