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Sleeping Three? Use the Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft with Full Size Third Bed

It is surprising to hear that more couples today are having multiples (meaning twins, triplets, etc…) than ever before. With this increase comes the added worry of how to comfortably fit your rapidly growing family into an affordable space, while still allowing everyone room to move and be comfortable. If you need to optimize the limited […]

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Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft with Full Size Third Bed: The Biggest Little Bed On The Market

One of the most difficult tasks for parent’s with several children is to find appropriate bedding options that not only sleep the children comfortably and safely, but can do that while still allowing ample room for furniture and play space. This difficulty is often compounded by the fact that having several children sharing the same room […]

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Merlot Extra Long Twin Over Full Bunk Bed: Easy Assembly Guaranteed!

Have you ever purchased something that had the ominous words, “Assembly Required,” stamped on it? If you have, then you probably know that most of the time those words mean that not only will you need tools, but you’ll probably need a skilled trades person to assemble it for you as well. With assembly instructions […]

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Mission White Extra Long Junior Crew Loft: For Those That Really Need Space

We’ve all heard about the space-saving benefits of purchasing a bunk or loft bed. They are the perfect solutions for maximizing the limited space in any bedroom, and with a veritable rainbow of designs and colors there is certainly something for everyone’s tastes and styles. But what if you really need to save space? What […]

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The Mission White Extra Long Senior Crew Loft: The Affordable, Environmentally-Friendly Bed

Across North America there is a growing awareness of how people’s daily actions—what they consume, what they discard, what kind of car they drive, or what kind of bed they purchase—impact the environment. There is a serious concern among researchers that people, especially in the developed countries like America, the UK, or Canada, are doing […]

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