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Mission White Extra Long Junior Crew Loft: For Those That Really Need Space

We’ve all heard about the space-saving benefits of purchasing a bunk or loft bed. They are the perfect solutions for maximizing the limited space in any bedroom, and with a veritable rainbow of designs and colors there is certainly something for everyone’s tastes and styles. But what if you really need to save space? What […]

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The Mission White Extra Long Senior Crew Loft: The Affordable, Environmentally-Friendly Bed

Across North America there is a growing awareness of how people’s daily actions—what they consume, what they discard, what kind of car they drive, or what kind of bed they purchase—impact the environment. There is a serious concern among researchers that people, especially in the developed countries like America, the UK, or Canada, are doing […]

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Mission White Extra Long Open Loft: Meeting Your Apartment Needs

While many consider the loft, sometimes known as the bunk bed, to be something exclusively for children, with contemporary space-saving designs and elegant, sophisticated finishes, loft beds are becoming more and more popular for young adults. So, if you’re fresh out of college or a young professional on a tight budget, University Loft has a […]

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Extra Long Senior Crew Loft: The Changing Bedroom Scene

Once upon a time bunk beds were simply functional pieces of unsightly furniture, clunky and burdensome monsters that were useful only for sleeping, and even that they weren’t all that good at providing. But times have changed, and in addition to providing versatile space-saving solutions for any bedroom in your house, lofts and bunk beds […]

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The Extra Long Senior Crew Loft: It’s Guaranteed To Please!

Buying a bed without actually seeing it first can be difficult. It’s hard to know if it’ll meet your needs or satisfy your children without first having laid your hands on it. However, regardless of the amount of shopping you do, or the hours of leg-work that you commit to this investment, you will not […]

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