Graduate Series Super Triple

University Loft Graduate Series Super Triple is one example of the great craftsmanship and functionality of the furniture that they manufacture. This is a great series of three beds in one that would fit perfectly into a dorm, specialty camp, or in your home with several children. University Loft Company is an environmentally responsible manufacture of great furniture that is built to last.

This triple bed is a tool-less bed system that has endless possibilities when setting it up. You will have to assemble the system when it arrives. This is not a problem when using their easy to follow diagrams and instructions and you will only need a mallet. If you have any problems there is customer service that you can contact either by phone or through their site to assist you with any questions you may have. Reading all instructions prior to assembling the bed system will help to make the job much smoother.

Graduate Series Super Triple

Graduate Series Super Triple

This super triple bed system comes with only the beds but you can purchase other items to add to this system such as a desk or three drawer chests. This can add to the overall system of giving each bed its own unique and distinct separation that makes that person feel that they have their own space. These beds come in the beautiful light natural color or can be gotten in a rich cherry finish. This allows you to fit it to the overall décor of the room.

All Together

This system of triple beds is made to fit together in different designs so that they will accommodate the space that you have. Each individual twin size bed end measures: 34.5” H x 42” W x 84.5” L. The bed ends are designed to work as built-in ladders or you have the option of purchasing a separate ladder that can be used with the system. Another option that University Loft has built into this system is the ability to adjust the height of each bed.

The beds are constructed of a solid hardwood known as Hevea Brasiliensis or rubber tree from the maple family. This wood is denser that Northern Red Oak and will last for years. The harvesting of this wood only occurs after it lives out its productive years then dies. The trees are then replanted. This is known as Environmentally Farmed Timber (EFT).

All timber comes from Malaysia. University Loft manufactures only buy from farms that have been certified by The Malaysian Timber Council endorsed by The Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures environmentally responsible practices are being used.

Buy one today and so that you can plan what you will do with the space that you will save by using this system of beds. Once the kids see this system you will have a hard time keeping their excitement at bay with the planning that they will want to do.

Take the time now to look at this University Loft Graduate Series Super Triple bed system. You will see just how beautiful and functional this system is. Go now and take advantage of the great pricing and free shipping!

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