Mountain River Computer Bunk Bed

Tradewins Mountain River computer bunk bed is an ultimate space saving beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Tradewins is known for high quality, beautiful, long lasting furniture and that holds true with this bunk bed. This great functional bunk bed will fit easily into any décor that you have.

With this computer bunk bed you get all that you need in a room without having multiple pieces of furniture. It is great for small spaces because it adds more storage space. With seven drawers you will be able to have enough space to put away clothes and even a drawer for each child to keep their treasures in.

Mountain River Computer Bunk Bed

Mountain River Computer Bunk Bed

There is no denying the need and use of computers in today’s world. Having a place to put them can be a challenge especially when space is limited. With this bunk bed system your children will have a place work on the computer without taking up extra floor space. There is some space in this area to put some books or other smaller items. All the space in the computer area has been maximized for usage. There is no wasted space that you get with some bunk bed systems.

More Room to Play

You and the children will love the pull out bed for the lower bunk. This is an awesome idea that is sure to go over great with the children. Once the bed is made you roll it back into place. It is easy to roll into place with none of that having to push and heave to get it back right. Once it is put away you will have more floor space. This is more space for the children to play. Children need space to play that is not cluttered with having too many pieces of furniture. Even a small space will seem much larger with this bunk bed system.

The amber color of the bunk bed is warm and beautiful. New Zealand pine is used in the construction of this bed. The pine is obtained from a New Zealand tree plantation rather than using wood from our natural forest and destroying our forest. The wood is perfect for use in furniture building and even though it is a soft wood it will not warp, crack or split with the process that Tradewins manufacturing facility uses to produce this wonderful bed. The amber color gives these beds wholesome country feel. Even with the use of this special pine you get a great even coloring of the wood.

There is assembly required, so if you aren’t great with this end you will get a list of people in the area who can assist you with putting it together. The cost of the bunk bed system is great considering just how much you get for the money. This bed will last for years and provide many happy memories for your children. Just imagine the times that they will have.

Dimensions: 72″ H x 45″ W x 81″ D  380 lbs

Go ahead now and take a look at the Tradewins Mountain River Computer bunk bed to see all that it has to offer. Buy one today and create a special space for your children. They will love it.

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