Mountain River Spindle Loft Bunk Bed

If you have a household with multiple children then you probably know that space can be truly limited at times. Sometimes children have to share a room which can make things even more difficult. What do you do, place beds side by side leaving little room to walk around? Of course not, this would quickly lead to bouts of disagreements about whose stuff was on whose side of the room.

This is where a bunk bed comes in just right. Take the Tradewins Mountain River Spindle Loft bunk bed for example. This great looking bunk bed is just the thing you need to help give your children the space they deserve. It is built quite solidly so that it can hold up to most all your kids can throw at it. It also features safety rails which function as much to give you peace of mind as they do to keep the young ones safe.

Mountain River Spindle Loft Bunk Bed

Mountain River Spindle Loft Bunk Bed

With the space your children will now have in their bedrooms they can stow their things and (maybe) learn to keep their rooms straight. At least they won’t fight over being on each other’s side of the room. These twin sized beds will very quickly prove their worth. The features of this bed set will all but speak for the quality. There are other bonuses to the Tradewins Mountain River Spindle Loft bunk bed.

Tradewins Mountain River Features

Included with this bunk bed set you will find some handy and heavy duty features. One such feature is the eight drawer chest which can definitely be handy when your kids need more room for clothing. Another bonus is the two separate bookshelves that can hold your children’s books, collectibles, or other such objects. As if this wasn’t enough, you will also get a desk to go along with the Mountain River Spindle Loft bunk bed.

With all these areas for storage your children will have a much easier time staying organized. If this sounds like it would be right up your children alley then you are not alone. This bunk bet is one top seller for a very specific reason. It looks great, it performs great, and it holds up well. It will be an investment that proves its worth again as your children continue to grow. How many other pieces of furniture can boast this?

Make your children’s day when you buy them a new Tradewins Mountain River Spindle Loft bunk bed. While there are many other lesser beds why settle for one of them? Choose your Mountain River with confidence that it will last for quite some time.

Dimensions: 68.5″ H x 46″ W x 80″ D  338 lbs

A Tradewins Mountain River Spindle Loft bunk bed makes the perfect choice for homes with multiple kids. With the bonus desk, dresser, and book cases your children will be all set. Just keep in mind, Tradewins makes an outstanding product but they don’t sell direct. Click now to get the new bunk bed and to take advantage of free shipping!

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