Tradewins Birch Youth Arch Bunk Bed with Optional Storage Drawers

I recently bought the Tradewins Birch Youth Arch Bunk Bed with optional storage drawers in a Natural Finish to go in my eight year old twin daughter’s bedroom.  We had come into a bit of unexpected money and decided to decorate their room as they had rapidly outgrown their fairy princess bedroom and wanted something a little more grown up.

The bunk beds are safe enough for them to use now with the guard rails and safe ladder.  Some of the other bunk beds I have viewed concerned me as my girls are not the most careful of people, but the guard rails give me that peace of mind and the arched design of the bed is – according to them – funky and cool, so that is definitely a winner.  The construction of the bed is sturdy and it is well made so it is going to be suitable for them for several years.

At nine years old they have rapidly changing tastes and despite being twins they like different things so we wanted to get a bed that would not become quickly outdated, or clash if we decided to change their bedroom round again.  The natural wood finish of the Birch Youth Arch Bedroom Series is light and fresh and will fit in with whatever colour scheme they want to go for next.

We decided on getting the optional storage drawers that go under the bottom bunk.  Most of their belongings tend to end up under their bed anyway, so it is great for them to actually use drawers instead of the floor! The drawers are easy to pull out and are deep and spacious so there is plenty of room for them to put things away.

My daughters assisted me in putting the bed together, and though it was a quite a daunting task on first looking at it, we soon got ourselves sorted and got the bed constructed within a morning. If I have one complaint it was that some of the holes and screws didn’t quite line up, but we managed.

The girls love their new bed. The top bunk is just the right height to give which ever of my girls decides to sleep on the bottom on any given night enough head room whilst not being overly tall so that the top sleeper doesn’t have to worry about the ceiling or the lampshade.

I would highly recommend the Birch Youth Arch Bunk Bed with Optional Storage Drawers to anyone who has to sleep two children in one room. It is a nice looking piece of furniture that fits well in a family bedroom. The storage drawers are a good size and are practical. It will see my daughters well into their teens and they are comfortable and safe.

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