Wildon Home San Bernadino Full / Full Bunk Bed Set

What a great idea the Wildon Home San Bernadino Full/Full Bunk Bed set is with drawers made into steps rather than the standard ladder. I am thrilled with the design and the concept of the bed, I had never seen one like it before and my two teenage sons (15 and 14) were keen to get it as they were due new bedroom furniture.

The only problem we have had with the bed is the support beneath the mattresses. My fourteen year old son is not a big lad, but the first time he went onto the bed he almost went straight through it onto his brother beneath! Although I am sure there would have been some comedic value we had to purchase and screw in some additional support boards in order to make the bed more secure.

The bed is an attractive piece of furniture and it is a great design. The frame itself and the step drawers are sturdy enough, but I would recommend anyone who gets this bed only does so with the knowledge that they need to improve the mattress support. That in itself is an easy task and not difficult.

My two sons are pleased with the bed and my elder son is relieved that his brother isn’t going to land on him in the middle of the night.  They are used to sleeping on bunk beds, but until now have only had a twin/twin bed, so the San Bernadino Full/Full Bunk Bed set is much better for them.  They have more room to lounge about and to relax fully in bed. 

They love the drawers and I am sure that the design will catch on as it is much more efficient and safer than a ladder. Not only do they have much more storage space because of them, but my younger son used to complain that the standard ladders were not comfortable on his feet when climbing up and down the ladder barefoot.

My younger son is friends with twins and they still sleep in twin bunk beds. They are very impressed with the larger bunks that my sons now have and I have given the details of the San Bernadino Full/Full Bunk Bed set to their father who is going to look into purchasing it for his twins in the near future. We’ve some spare wood left over from the additional slats that we made and installed into the bed so we will give them that to help increase the support for their bed as well.

I will continue to recommend this bed for anyone who has older children in bunk beds that require more space to stretch out and sleep comfortably.  I suspect that we will be splitting the bed at some point when my older son leaves home, but for now they are happy to sleep in their full size bunks and the Wildon Home San Bernadino Full/Full Bunk Bed set has gone down a storm with them.

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