Wildon Home Diamond Twin/Twin Convertible Bunk Bed

I recently purchased the Wildon Home Diamond Twin/Twin Convertible Bunk Bed in Oak and am entirely satisfied with the purchase.  The bed is a solid looking piece of furniture and it is quite chunky giving it a rustic appearance that fits well with the country feel of our home.

I never imagined needing to purchase bunk beds again. I have eight year old twins, a boy and a girl, and they had been sharing a bedroom since they were very young. As they are not identical and very different as they were getting older it became more and more impractical for them to be sharing a bedroom, but in our previous home we did not have the space for them to have separate rooms.

We moved house late last year and my twins had their own rooms for the first time so we did away with their standard metal frame bunk beds and got them each their own twin bed and let them choose and decorate their rooms to their own styles.

I expected the twins to be pleased to have their own space – all they seemed to do when they shared a room was fight, but it soon became clear that they were having trouble sleeping and settling. Not only because they were in a new home, but also because they were in separate rooms.  I often went up to check on them and found them squashed together in one of the beds or with their duvets on the floor in the same room. 

The bed was fairly easy to put together once we got our heads around the instructions.  The diagrams weren’t very clear, but it as soon as we figured it out and took our time the bed went together quickly and painlessly.  The only issue we came across was that there wasn’t many holes drilled through the slats so it took a lot of effort to screw them into position. With a drill that would have been easily remedied though and with the main ones secured the slats would not have moved around much anyway.

We decided that we would go back to having bunk beds for them, so purchased the Diamond Twin/Twin Convertible Bunk Bed and put it in the larger of the two bedrooms.  Now they have their own space in their own rooms when they need it, but when it comes to bedtime they sleep in the new bunk.  We selected the Convertible Bunk Bed so that when they decide that they do want to have their own rooms for sleeping as well we can simply separate them and we will have two twin beds for them.

I would highly recommend the Wildon Home Diamond Twin/Twin Convertible Bunk Bed in Oak for anyone who has children sharing a room but who will need to separate them into their own rooms in the future, or older children who would be content with taking a twin bed away with them when they leave home or go away to college. It is a sound piece of furniture at a great price.

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