Wildon Home Dorena Twin Workstation Bunk Bed in Oak

Homework time used to be chaos in our household until I purchased the Wildon Home Dorena Twin Workstation Bunk Bed in Oak. I have three children, two sons of 15 and 17 and a daughter of 9. The boys have a large space to themselves in a converted attic space, but my daughter has a much smaller room with no space for the amount of storage she needs, her bed, and a desk.

It was the desk that was missing from her room. I run my own business from home and office space was limited, which meant that I frequently used the kitchen table for my work during the day. When my daughter was younger and her homework didn’t entail so much writing it was not so difficult, but now her work load is increasing it isn’t feasible or fair for her to be doing it on her lap in the living room.

She started to use the kitchen table as well, but that meant she had to pack everything away for tea time and get easily distracted and was unable to concentrate fully.  We looked at the possible solutions, but money was tight. My business has suffered during the recession and my husband has had his hours reduced so a high cost solution was not plausible.  The answer came in the reasonably priced Dorena Twin Workstation Bunk Bed.

The bed has a full working area beneath a comfortable high twin bed so that my daughter can spread out and do her homework in the peace of her bedroom. I was concerned that she would be too quick to turn away from her work to her toys, but her older brothers are both academically minded and she seems to emulate them and feels very grown up about being able to do her homework in her bedroom too.  We have had the bed for two months and already her teachers have commented that the standard of her homework and hand writing has improved.

We struggled a bit putting the bed together. It is definitely a two person job and my husband was eager to show off and put it up on his own. I am sure with a bit more sense it would have gone up quickly and easily.  It is sturdy and the oak finish is both warm and light so it does not dominate the small room.  My daughter is very happy with the Dorena Twin Workstation Bunk Bed  and her friends are impressed with it. Even my sons are jealous that they didn’t have beds like this when they were younger.

It isn’t often that you come across a piece of furniture that is functional, well built, and attractive at an affordable price, but the Wildon Home Dorena Twin Workstation Bunk Bed in an Oak finish ticks all the boxes and I would certainly recommend it – in fact I have to two of my friends who are having similar space issues with their children.

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