Wildon Home Elk City Twin / Futon Bunk Bed with Angled Ladder

When my son and I moved from cities my son found it hard to make new friends in his new school.  He had one very close friend but we had moved over three hundred miles away so although they could keep in touch it was difficult for him to see him except from during the school holidays. The home we moved into was smaller than the one we’d previously lived in and I was concerned that if his friend came to stay for the holidays there wouldn’t be anywhere for him to sleep comfortably.

We purchased the Wildon Home Elk City Twin/Futon Bunk Bed with angled ladder in black and it solved our problems. My son has always been a quiet and sensitive boy and is happier with his head in a book rather than being on the football field. He finds the futon sofa at the base of the bed comfortable to curl up on and read. When his friend comes to stay the futon folds out into a large bed for him to sleep on.

I am very pleased with the purchase of the bed. The ladder is angled enough for it not to get in the way when sitting on the sofa.  My son and I often sit there together and watch movies or going through the latest books that he is reading, and it is safe for him to climb up onto the bed. The colour is sleek and the metal frame does not chip and is sturdy enough not to bend or dent easily.

The Elk City Twin/Futon Bunk Bed was easy to put together and the instructions were good. For a bed at such an affordable price it is well manufactured and will last my son for several years to come and certainly well into his teens.  Not only has the bed meant that he has been able to maintain frequent contact with his best friend from back home, but now he has made some more friends here they are able to stay the night whenever they want to.

The parents of my son’s friend have also purchased the Wildon Home Elk City Twin/Futon Bunk Bed with angled ladder in black so that when my son stays there so we alternate during the school breaks. It means I get a break from being a single parent as well and as a result have made some new friends of my own.  It is always difficult moving into a new area, but thanks to the Elk City Twin/Futon Bunk Bed we are able to maintain our links back home and have settled well into our new lives.

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