Extra Long Junior Crew Loft

Have your young ones suddenly grown too big for their older bunk beds? Does it seem like just yesterday when you got their first one and they were thrilled to climb up on the top bunk? Now it seems as if they can just barely squeeze between the ceiling and the bed. Perhaps a change is finally in order. The University Loft Graduate Series extra long Junior Crew loft bed is the perfect succession to their old bunk bed.

Unlike a bunk bed, the loft bed is set off at a right angle to each other. This allows for the beds to be placed closer together. Now your kids can easily fit one on top of the other without feeling squeezed into the ceiling. How’s that for an improvement? Not only will they have more space, the Junior Crew loft bed is extremely stylish. This in itself will help your children make the progression into young adulthood by feeling that they have a more grownup type of bed.

Extra Long Junior Crew Loft

Extra Long Junior Crew Loft

With the choice of either Natural or Wild Cherry finish your children will be able to choose the color of their choice. The ability to make decisions on their own is something that they will have to learn and how better way to start than in selecting the options for their own furniture? You may even consider allowing them to pick out new bedding to go with their new Junior Crew loft bed. This will really get them into the spirit.

A Loft Versus Bunk

There are a few differences between a bunk bed and a loft bed. The main difference is the fact that the top bed is at a ninety degree angle to the bottom bed. The person who sleep on bottom has their feet and legs under the top bed but their waist and up is in the clear. This allows the top bed to be placed a great deal lower than that of a bunk bed.

The combination of these means that older children have more room to be able to use these beds for a longer time. Not bad for those whose kids plan on hanging around for some time after graduation either! There are several optional pieces of furniture that you can get in the University Loft Graduate Series to go with this Junior Crew loft bed.

One such piece is the Graduate Series 30” bookcase. Another is the Graduate Series pedestal desk. Both of these can be purchased separately and look great placed at each end of the loft bed. The Junior Crew loft bed holds quite a few opportunities such as these for customization.

Dimensions:  36.06″ H   236 lbs.

The University Loft Graduate Series extra long Junior Crew loft bed is the perfect choice for your older kids. They can be especially perfect for twins or kids that are close in age. Click for more info on the Junior Crew loft bed. Act now to take advantage of the great price and to get your bed shipped free!

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