Graduate Series Extra Long Bunk Bed

University Loft Graduate Series extra long bunk bed set is wonderful for your children’s room, dorm room, camps and other areas that need to use space saving systems. This is a manufacturing company that specializes in a line of furniture that utilizes different styles. These can be changed to meet the needs of small spaces such as dorm rooms, hospitality, and homes that need more than one bed to a room. It is an Eco-Friendly company.

With this series there are extra long bunk beds which is great for those students or young adults that are tall and need the extra room. Having your feet hang off the end of the bed can be uncomfortable and disrupting preventing a good night’s rest. It can be difficult and time consuming to find beds that will accommodate taller people.

Graduate Series Extra Long Bunk Bed

Graduate Series Extra Long Bunk Bed

Each of the beds measure 34.5” H x 42” W x 84.5” L and has a weight limit of 250 pounds. The Graduate Series Extra Long bunk beds hold an 80 inch mattress. The beds come in natural or wild cherry coloring. The natural is light and gives the impression of open space. You can see the natural beauty of the wood. The wild cherry is a darker and richer color that is perfect with the right decor.

Easy Assembly

All the material is included for assembling these beds. The only other tool that will be necessary is a mallet. Each bed can be adjustable to get the perfect height need for the person sleeping in the bed. The beds come with all diagrams and instructions for assembling. For any problems or questions you can contact the customer service department who can help you. Reading the directions first will make the assembly easier once started.

Both ends of the beds work as ladders or you can purchase a ladder separately if you prefer. These beds are built with a very hard beautiful wood for years of great service. The side rails and guard rails are built from beautiful popular plywood. For even more space saving room you can purchase the chests that are seen in the picture under the bed as well as the desk. This set come with the beds only.

Buy with confidence that University Loft is an environmentally responsible manufacture. All of their products in this line are made from wood that they receive from Malaysian. University Loft only buys from farms certified by The Malaysian Timber Council endorsed by The Forest Stewardship Council. They use environmentally farmed timber for their products. It is wonderful to know that there are companies out there that think about the future of our environment and the people living in it.

Go ahead and purchase the extra long Graduate Series bunk beds. You can be confident that you will be providing a bed that fits perfectly for the people using them and the space available.

Dimensions: 34.5” H x 42” W x 84.5”

Take a look at this beautiful University Loft Graduate Series extra long bunk beds now to see just how well they will work in the space you have. Take advantage now and see how you can get your bunk beds shipped for free!

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