Tradewins Doll House Loft Bunk Bed

How many times have you wanted to give your young girl the chance to live like a princess? Doesn’t she deserve the chance to rule over her own little kingdom? Well now she can. With the Tradewins Doll House Loft bunk bed she can now feel as if she has her very own play house in her room that she can then use as her imagination sees fit. Can’t you just already imagine her squeals of delight?

The Doll House Loft bunk bed is just as it sounds. The face of it appears to be a doll house with a large space underneath. On one end there are hand and foot holds for your child to climb into bed. She could climb up and lie in bed, peaking out at the rest of her room. Also part of the bed is a book shelf where she can store her favorite books or display her collectibles. While one is not included you could also add a bed on the bottom if you have two children who have to share a room.

Tradewins Doll House Loft Bunk Bed

Tradewins Doll House Loft Bunk Bed

This would allow each their sleeping space. With the many bright colors and cute designs your child is sure to be quite thrilled. Is there anything less that you could want than for your little one to be happy with her sleeping arrangements? She could have all sorts of fun times pretending to be in her own little cottage, squirreled away from everyone. She would be the envy of all her friends as well.

Tradewins Quality And Beauty

When providing for your child you would want nothing but the best, right? With the Tradewins Doll House Loft bunk bed that is exactly what you would be giving her. Built from durable MDF this bunk bed will hold up to what your daughter might have in store for it. Another great benefit of this particular bed is that it includes a mattress. This means that as soon as you get the bed and get it together your daughter will be all set.

With plenty of storage space, bright colors, and sturdy construction this Doll House Loft bunk bed will be one that your daughter will want to keep for a long time to come. It is such a high quality bed that it was a 2005 ADI Original Design/Creativity Award Finalist. This is high honors indeed when you consider the competition that this particular design faced.

How many more reasons would you need to choose the Tradewins Doll House Loft bunk bed for your child? Whether you buy it for the design, for the quality, or for the outstanding price there is one thing you can’t deny. You cannot deny the fact that you are getting one great bargain when you consider the amount of happiness you will be giving your child.

Dimensions: 94″ H x 87″ W x 51.5″ D   444 lbs

The look of joy and amazement on your young girl’s face will be priceless. She will squeal with delight as she climbs into her new Tradewins Doll House Loft bunk bed. How much more reward would this be? Click now to order her new bed and take advantage of free shipping!

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